Genesis 6-9 (Part 1)

Genesis chapters 6-9 speak of a worldwide flood. Many people, even some Christians, find it hard to believe that there was a flood so big that it wiped out all but 8 people and the animals that were aboard the ark. The crazy thing about it though, is that while many people regard the Biblical version to be a fairy tale, many cultures from all over the world have tales of catastrophic worldwide floods. While the Bible is our standard for truth, seeing that many cultures (spaced so far apart) with ancient stories of a massive flood not only indicates that something did happen, but shows the Bible account as more than plausible. Here are only some of the tales (1):

  1. Hawaii

There was a large flood and Nu-u built a boat to save his family from it. The boat landed on Mauna Kea, and Nu-u gave a sacrifice of coconuts and pigs to thank the moon for their safety. The creator of the world then sent a rainbow to show that he had saved man.

  1. American Plains

Giants had offended Ti-ra-wa, the creator, so Ti-ra-wa sent a great flood to wipe them out. Then he created man and woman, who were ancestors of the Pawnee people.

  1. Peru

Viracocha, the creator, sent a flood to destroy the giants, much like Ti-ra-wa in the American Plains. Only two giants survived in a boat.

  1. Hudson Bay

A god became angry at the giants that populated the earth and warned a man to build a large canoe, and then he sent a large flood to destroy the giants.

  1. Tanzania

God told two people to take seeds and animals with them onto their boat so they could survive a flood. To see if the earth had dried up, the people sent out a dove and a hawk.

  1. China

A sky god flooded the earth, leaving only a brother and sister who survived on a boat. Another telling of this is where Fuhi, his wife, his three sons, and his three daughters were the only people alive on earth who escaped a great flood.

These are only a few of the numerous tales mentioning a very large flood. I find this to be fascinating that so many different cultures have ancient tales of large floods. For this news to spread throughout the world, it would have had to have happened, and passed down through the generations, right? If you’re interested in reading more of these tales, feel free to check out this article or this article by Answers In Genesis. Stay tuned for next week’s article!

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  1. “Worldwide Flood Legends.” Answers Magazine. Answers in Genesis. May 6, 2018. (accessed July 23, 2020)

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