8 Things About Your Average College Student That Annoy Me

Here is a list of 8 things that almost every college student does that annoys me in some way (I think these are valid things). This is probably not the post you were expecting from me today, but surprises are good, right?  

  1. Their conversations

At my school, you can be minding your own business and just walking through a hallway to get to your class and you will hear things that’ll make you cringe. I’m not just talking about the cussing I hear (which is bad enough), but other things that in the words of the great Ray Stevens, “would make a sailor blush with shame” (1). I don’t understand why people want to cuss or talk about these things. I’d love to be able to say I go to college with ladies and gentlemen, but these conversations are not the signs of one. This is probably the most annoying thing that most average college students do, and is one of the reasons that I’m hoping classes will be put online again this Fall semester. 

  1. They can’t put their phones down

Walk into any college, and you’ll find that nearly everyone is on their phone. Not necessarily talking on the phone, but rather looking at instagram, facebook, twitter, and any other social media apps that they have. These college students are walking around, on their phones, heads down, completely ignoring what’s going on around them. In a world where you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings, you should stay off of your phone so you can be vigilant. 

  1. They’re attached to their earbuds

This kinda goes with the cell phones, but there are so many people who have earbuds in as they’re walking around from class to class and across campus. While they may not be staring at a screen, their ears are being filled with music (or podcasts, or whatever), and they’re not listening to their surroundings. They can’t hear if someone’s coming up behind them, and I’ve even seen some who can’t hear when people scream (of course, it was a scream of excitement, but still…).

  1. They blindly follow the person in front of them

I have seen this happen many times and it baffles me. For example, to leave a classroom, there can be at least two sets of double doors, and all 100+ students will wait in line to leave through one set. No one even checks to see if the other is unlocked. They just follow the crowd. So, leave it to the homeschooler (me) to walk up to the other set of double doors, pull on the handle, sigh in relief when it’s unlocked, and completely pass the 90+ students who are still waiting in line. Then I look behind me, and they’re still following each other through that one set. Even if they see someone (usually me) leave through one of the other unlocked options, they remain in line. I don’t understand why people have to follow each other and not be different (or at least try to see if the door is unlocked), but that’s okay, because it means I don’t have to wait in line.

  1. They think you’re weird for not partying (peer pressure)

I was waiting at the inner campus bus stop early one morning waiting for it to take me to my calculus class. The girl waiting with me was telling me all about her weekend, and then asked me if I had ever been to a party that was thrown by students at my school. I replied with a no. She asked if I’d ever been invited, and I once again said no (I guess I just don’t hang out with those people…). She then invited me to one that she was throwing that Friday and proceeded to tell me that she had spent over $200 in various kinds of alcoholic drinks. I thanked her for inviting me, and said I don’t drink. She then looked at me and said, “Oh, that’s okay. I don’t drink either or smoke, but it’s fun to hang out with those kinds of people…and there are going to be guys there. Besides, what’s the harm in one little sip?” First of all, I bet the kinds of guys that go there aren’t my type, and (disregarding the fact that I weigh 97 pounds and have a horrible BMI for drinking), there’s a lot of harm in one little sip. When she asked me that question, it reminded me of what happened in Genesis 3. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the party, and that is the only one I’ve ever been invited to (not that I’m complaining). It’s totally okay to not drink, smoke, or party. It turns out that you’ll be only one of few sane people on Monday mornings who aren’t drunk or hungover.

  1. Immaturity (the college enables and sometimes, it seems, encourages this)

I am one of the youngest upperclassmen at 19 years old. Most of my classes are all made up of people who are over 20. And most times, I seem to be the adult in the room. For example, in my ethics class (which you can read about here), the students (I was the only exception) asked the teacher if she could keep all the class materials that we had to bring everyday. And she said yes. She kept all of our papers that we needed, which ticked me off. I hate being treated like a child. College is not preschool. So many students act like they are three. They can’t keep up with their stuff, and the teachers will keep the materials for them, that way they won’t forget it. The students don’t show up to class half the time, and then you’ll hear them complain when they feel they’re not being treated like the 21 year old they are. I walk past them, thinking, “Maybe if you acted your age, people would treat you like an adult.” But it’s honestly encouraged by the college. The college I go to won’t tell your parents if you were caught drunk, partying, or sleeping around. They boast the fact that your parents won’t find out anything that you don’t tell them. This does not encourage you to be an adult.

  1. They don’t stop at a crosswalk

Whenever I’m leaving school, I need to be super careful when I come to a crosswalk. People will just step out in front of me without slowing down or even looking! They assume that every car is going to stop for them, no matter what. I’ve even had someone step off of the sidewalk right in front of the car (no crosswalk in sight) and keep on going across the street (maybe he was drunk…). This is probably the most hazardous to the average college student’s health. Why do they not look first? Did no one teach them to stop and look both ways before crossing a street? I will stop at a crosswalk, and wait for the road to clear or for cars to stop and wave me on, and then I hurry across the street. I don’t meander like nearly everyone else does. When I still have an hour commute, it really annoys me when 12 students decide to meander across the street like a row of ducklings.

  1. They are parking lot sharks

This really creeps me out. Parking spots near the buildings are highly coveted (which is why I get there at 6:30 am every day). When I’m leaving, people will slowly drive behind me as I’m walking to the car, trying to stake their claim on my spot. I’ve even had someone pull over and ask if he could give me a ride to my car for that reason. To which I promptly replied, “Nope. I’m good.” Even better are the times when I have three people trying to fit in the one spot I’m trying to leave. They come at me literally from every direction and throw their hands in the air when I can’t leave because the road is blocked in all three directions.


If you do any of these things, you might want to re-think them. It’s not a good idea to not pay attention to your surroundings and to not look before crossing a street. You might just get hit by a bus if you keep doing that (although I hear if that happens at my school, you get free tuition…but it’s still not a good idea). College is a time in your life where you get to “practice” being an adult and living on your own. If you’re not going to take it seriously…why do you expect others to take you seriously?

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  1. Stevens, Ray. “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K16fG1sDagU 

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