It’s High Time We Wake Up

The upcoming 2020 election is going to decide the course of America. Are we going to keep America’s strong, loyal, and brave reputation, or are we going to cower and change? This is not the time to vote based on your family’s party line, who you like better as a person, or you having been a lifelong Democrat or Republican.

You need to vote based on principles, honor, and conscience according to the Bible. No man is going to measure up to God’s standard…nobody is perfect, but there is a candidate that aligns more closely to God’s Word. I’ve posted previously about Biblical things to look for in a Presidential candidate, and you can read that here.

I heard this sermon yesterday, and I would highly suggest you watch it before you cast your vote in this election, then forward it on to your family, friends – everyone you know. This is not my pastor, and while there are small differences (I’m a KJV girl and believe that every pastor, out of respect for his office, should wear a suit), I can put aside those differences to hear his love for our Saviour and heart for our nation. This sermon reminds us of our Christian duty, as we are first Christians, and second Americans.

If you are not 100% sure that you’ll go to Heaven when you die, now is the time to repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ. If you have any questions or doubts about your salvation, click here to learn how you can be saved.

The church’s link:

24 thoughts on “It’s High Time We Wake Up

    1. Thanks!!! Unfortunately, our freedom has been taken granted for too long, and previous generations slowly let it slip away – selling it for a cup of porridge (Genesis 25:33). Wouldn’t our Founding Fathers be angry and appalled at the current state of America, when they sacrificed so much – their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Love y’all, too ❤️!

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    1. It’s good to hear that there are more good, conservative, gun-loving ladies out there (at times it feels like we’re the only one)! I hope she realizes what a treasure you are…I never had a chance to know my grandfathers. This precious time away hunting and fishing – I wish you the most fun and enjoyment of each other’s company and the sport.

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  1. I am Canadian so I do not have a vote in the US. But I believe it is so important to vote. All the women who fought for our right to vote. They went to jail, lost their families and suffered greatly just so women could vote. I am delighted to know that the younger generation of women are preparing to vote. This US election is a very important one.

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    1. I believe that it is important to vote. Perhaps because my parents thought it was very important that I understood the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the intention of our Founding Fathers…because knowledge really is power, and something that can’t be taken away from you!

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